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Our pure Collagen - excellent hair food.

Posted by Paul Dowdle on
Our pure Collagen - excellent hair food.

Add Wholehearted pure Collagen into your diet regimen and it will help keep your hair and nails strong and reverse the signs of aging.

Stress, lack of testosterone, illness, and poor nutrition can all cause your hair to become brittle and weak, causing split ends and leads to thinning of the hair. This causes hair follicles to become dormant, and eventually die. Aging also causes hair follicle decline.

Wholehearted Health’s pure Collagen has a powerful antioxidant to help by protecting your follicles against damage, helping your hair to keep growing thick and long with its colour intact.

As an antioxidant our Collagen removes free radicals that harm the cells that make your follicles.

When you consume our Collagen, your body breaks down this valuable protein into amino acids. These amino acids are then used by your body to make new proteins that will become part of your body’s structure. Amino acids made from collagen are used to make many kinds of protein, as well as helping our bodies to produce more collagen. One of the proteins that the broken-down collagen is used to make is; keratin, the substance that makes up your hair and nails. The primary amino acid required to produce keratin is called proline, a substance that is found in abundance in our collagen.

Many positive effects are attributed to Wholehearted pure collagen; stronger, more limber joints, fresher, smoother skin, strong healthy skin with elasticity and a youthful appearance, it also aids in replacing dead skin cells. Our Collagen replenishes hair loss and makes for stronger, thicker healthier hair with luscious locks.

It’s no secret that our collagen is a protein and the glue that holds our bodies together helping them to function better.

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