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Joint Health from our Pure Collagen Peptides

Posted by Paul Dowdle on
Joint Health from our Pure Collagen Peptides

A growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of Pure collagen peptides in supporting joint structure and function. Pure Collagen peptide’s bioactive properties have been shown in a clinical study to reduce joint discomfort, improve joint function and joint flexibility, and to support the formation of cartilage.

Joint deterioration benefits from the effects of Pure collagen peptides. Studies have shown how Pure collagen peptides can deliver benefits for joint health.

Knee joint pain

Arthritis stands for ‘joint inflammation’. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease, the most common type of arthritis associated with the breakdown of cartilage tissues. Inflammation of the joint or connective tissue that lines the inside of the joint capsule that surrounds joints such as the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, foot and ankle. It often occurs with previous injury, excessive stress or an underlying disorder of cartilage. The cartilage in a joint become stiff and loses its elasticity, making the joint susceptible to damage and decrease in its ability to act as shock absorber.

PLOS ONE scientific journal confirms the role of Pure collagen peptides insupporting joint health. The study provides scientific documentation of the mechanisms behind cartilage regeneration and joint inflammation reduction. The study was carried out by leading scientists at the University of Rochester, NY, By Dr. Janne Prawitt, Principal Scientist.

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