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Feel Good – Look Good!

Posted by Paul Dowdle on
Feel Good – Look Good!

Our PURE Collagen peptides can be used to achieve multiple health benefits from one single ingredient through

It’s ability to support skin beauty, bone and joint health, sports nutrition and healthy aging. Wholehearted health helps you keep up with the demands of modern life. Healthy eating is no longer limited to people trying to manage their weight or fill in any nutritional gaps; it has become engrained in our everyday habits, because we understand it can support both our mental and our physical wellbeing at every stage of life. And life is getting longer. Improvements in medicine and conditions of life mean people are living longer and so are susceptible to age-related health conditions like mobility issues, as muscle mass and bone density decrease and cartilage ages. Despite their bodies getting older, people do not want to “slow down.” Added to this, in the era of “having it all,” they also want to retain their youthful appearance. Fine lines and wrinkles are, for many, an unwelcome arrival, to be delayed for as long as possible. The desire to look and feel good throughout our lives is a major driving factor for Wholehearted health.

Although we know we should eat healthily and are highly motivated to do so, we rarely have the time or motivation to seek out the right product to address all your individual health concerns or goals. Historically dietary supplements have been designed to address one specific condition or health concern, but this approach is no longer fully in tune with our wishes. Wholehearted health’s PURE Collagen Peptide supplements your food and drinks intake with multiple benefits encapsulate the holistic approach to healthy living.

Our Collagen peptides is a hydrolyzed form of collagen, which is the most abundant protein occurring naturally in the human body. Our Collagen is a key structural protein that ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of all connective tissues, including skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones. From the age of 30, less collagen is produced by the body, which can lead to the loss of skin elasticity and firmness, cartilage degeneration, joint stiffness, muscle mass reduction and lower bone mineral density and strength. The consumption of Our PURE Collagen peptide has a positive effect on all these regressive processes, as the small peptides are transported from the gut via the blood to the tissue cells, where they stimulate cells to produce more collagen, and as a result help boost the level of structural collagen in the target tissues.

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